What is GivingTrain.com?

GivingTrain.com is an online mall that provides its members, both individuals as well as organizations, the ability to receive cash back rewards of up to 20%, simply for using one of the links on our site when you shop online.

In short, GivingTrain.com is an online rewards program that operates in similar fashion to the airline miles cards and other cash back rewards programs offered by major credit card companies - but to receive the cashback rewards, you must use a link found on GivingTrain.com to navigate to the store of your choice.

GivingTrain.com was started with the belief that as online shopping became more pervasive, organizations that rely on fundraising and the generosity of its constituents for support have an opportunity to leverage this online spending.  By aggregating lots of individual purchases, and getting a cashback rebate with each purchase, this spending can potentially result in a significant increase in the coffers of an organization - having a direct and meaningful impact on the ability of an organization to accomplish its mission - all at NO COST to organizations or to the supporters! 

In addition, GivingTrain.com believes the user should have the ability to choose to receive the cashback rebate for their own use as well.  Because of this, each time a user shops online, they have the ability to CHOOSE to support an organization of their choice, or to keep the rebate for themselves.

How does GivingTrain.com work?

GivingTrain.com has partnered with each merchant found on this site.  In return for directing customers to these sites, the merchants have agreed to pay GivingTrain.com a commission for each competed transaction.  GivingTrain shares this commission with its members.

How much do cashback will I get?

Each merchant has a clearly identified cash back percentage or fee associated with it.  See our list of cashback stores for the specific percentage associated with each merchant.

In addition, every new member, whether an organization or individual, receives a $5 bonus simply for joining and completing a purchase with us!

How do I get paid?

When you have accrued $25 or more in cashback rebates, GivingTrain.com will send you a check!  GivingTrain.com provides a simple and free means to reward you for your everyday shopping!

How much does it cost to join?

There is no charge to join GivingTrain.com!  It is totally free to both organizations and users.

Because GivingTrain.com is getting a commission - will I pay more than if I went directly to the merchant?

No!  There is no surcharge or hidden cost to shop at any merchant.   In fact, by taking advantage of the coupons, free shipping offers, sales and other offers offered at GvingTrain.com, you are likely to save even more! Not to mention you also get your cashback rebate!

Who Can Benefit from GivingTrain.com's cashback rebates?

Anyone.  GivingTrain.com is open to individuals, charities, youth programs, educational programs, sports programs, businesses, etc.  GivingTrain.com believes that in today's world, people are unable to support all causes they would like to support.  We provide a free and easy means for people to make a difference!

How do I join?

Membership is free and easy!  There are no fees at all associated with GivingTrain.com.  If you represent an organization, simply send us an email with the name of your organization.  We will add you immediately!

How do I get credit for my purchases?

After you complete a purchase using a link on our site (you must use a link from our site), merchants provide us with a summary of the transaction.  This information includes a tracking code, store, amount of purchase, and transaction date.  It can sometimes take up to 30 days for GivingTrain.com to be notified of this purchase, but once we get the information, we will update our records, and the transaction will show in your account.

What if my transaction does not show in my account?

If a transaction completed via a link from our website does not show in your account within 30 days, please let us know!  Please provide the following information to help us investigate:

Username    Store   Date of purchase  Amount Order #

**DO NOT PROVIDE us with any credit card information!!  **

Who is GivingTrain.com?

GivingTrain.com was launched by David Schneid with the belief that people shopping online should have the opportunity to save money and get cash back for their online purchases.

David graduated from Cornell University where he was a four year letter winner on the Mens's Division I lacrosse team.  He was a three-time All-American and All-Ivy selection, and he began his career on Wall Street as a mortgage trader.  He received his MBA from Columbia Business School and believes GivingTrain.com can provide meaningful assistance to numerous organizations!